The small village of Sainte Julia, or to give it its full name Sainte Julia de Gras Capou (Saint Julia of the fat Capon, in Occitane) will be holding the annual festival of art, where both professionals and amateurs alike set up their easels and palettes in the winding, medieval streets of the village.

This year, 2011, marks the 13th occasion of this intriguing festival of art and creativity, on Sunday 3 July 2011.

Artists can use any medium they wish and themes are at the choice of the artists – the painting starts at half past eight (meet at the village square) and finishes at five O’clock sharp.

There are prizes both for ‘real’ artists and for amateurs :

1st prize for professional artists is 300€

2nd & 3rd prizes of 150€

For amateurs, there is a first prize of 100€ and a second prize of 50€ – although, money cannot quantify the pleasure that can be had from setting up in a peaceful Lauragais village and just painting for fun.

If you can make it, there is a lunch organised in the village square and a restaurant within the ramparts of the village.

Sainte Julia is between Revel and Caraman in the south of the Haute Garonne (31) departement, about 40km from Toulouse and 30km from Castres

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