Cannelés Bordelais, as the name might suggest are a speciality of Bordeaux.

Traditionally they are flavoured with vanilla and rum, although I have had them delicately scented with lemon and orange – lovely with a coffee, whilst awaiting the train in the station buffet at Bordeaux St Jean.

Good cannelés are slightly crispy on the outside with a soft, almost chewy centre and should look like they have been glazed with caramel. Some patissiers almost burn them.

If you can get hold of a cannelé mould made from silicone, it is a lot easier to get the baked cannelés out after baking – you could even use deep muffin type moulds too – at a pinch.

Probably the most important part of the recipe is actually giving the dough a rest for 24 hours – try it with and without the rest, you will see what I mean.


Preparation: 20 minutes + 24 hours standing the dough

Cooking time : 1 hour 15 Minutes

Level: Easy



4 large eggs

200g plain flour

75g unsalted butter

600g caster sugar

1 litre full fat milk

3 vanilla pods

1 tablespoon rum

The zest of 1 small lemon



Wash the lemon and dry it thoroughly before removing the zest.

Split the vanilla pods and scrape out the seeds.

Boil 3/4 litre of the milk, add the butter with the split vanilla pods and the seeds – leave to stand and infuse.

Beat the eggs with the sugar until they are smooth and there are no sugar granules, slowly fold in the flour, being careful that it doesn’t lump.

Strain and remove the vanilla pods from the milk.

Mix the rum and lemon zest with the remaining 1/4 litre of milk then mix all of the ingredients together, beat to remove any lumps that may form – the mixture should be smooth.

Put into the clean mixing bowl and leave, covered with a clean, tea-towel for at least 24 hours at room temperature.

Pour the mixture into your moulds, place the mould into a baking tray filled with warm water, approximately 3cm deep, cook for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes in a preheated oven at 180°c – check that the colour has turned a deep caramel colour before removing from the oven.

Remove the canelés as soon as they leave the oven and cool on a wire tray before enjoying them with a cup of tea, tisane or coffee.

They are also delicious gently warmed for 30 seconds in a microwave.

Bon Appétit!

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