500g Fresh Foie Gras (nerve removed)

100g of duck or goose fat

10g sea salt

Fresh black pepper

METHOD Put the foie gras into a pan, and fry gently with no added fat for 2 or 3 minutes on each side , season with the salt and pepper – continue cooking very gently for 20 minutes, turning with a wooden spatula carefully so that it doesn’t break up, remove the fat from the pan that the foie gras gives off and brown lightly on all sides for 1 or 2 minutes. Put the foie gras gently, while still warm, into an earthenware dish (usually oval) with a lid, patting it down gently but firmly with the spatula – cover with the goose or duck fat. Leave to cool then refrigerate for 24 hours. Serve sliced on warm slices of brioche or pain viennois with onion chutney – Wine: Vin de Paille, Pineau des Charentes blanc, Sauternes or Floc de Gascogne blanc

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