Continuing on my experiments with time lapse photography – this sequence was taken on 15 May 2011 using a Nikon D90 and a 18-105mm lens with grey filter and a D200 with a Sigma 18-50mm lens and polarizing filter.

The Music is “Clouds & Swallows” by Entertainment for the Brain Dead.

If you are wondering what a Time lapse is, it’s a series of photos taken individually then put together in a sequence as a video.

The time lapses you see here were taken with one photo every 4 seconds and one photo every 5 seconds (on the second camera).

The film then runs at 24 images per second – that’s 60 x 24 frames, which is 1,440 images for 1 minute of finished video.

A time lapse sequence must be taken with the camera in complete manual mode to avoid any changes from one frame to the next which causes flickering images, much like 1920’s newsreel.

I hope you enjoy this.


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