This is another easy recipe and excellent when local strawberries, or even better, ones from the garden are freely available. This is a light dessert that is great for a summer dinner or lunch.


Ingredients :

500g Strawberries

200g plain flour

3 petit Suisses

90g soft unsalted butter

1 egg yolk & 1 tbsp of milk

100g good white chocolate

5cl single cream

6 or 7 fresh basil leaves

25g icing sugar

pinch of salt


Preparation :

Mix the butter, Petit Suisses and the flour together in a mixing bowl with  fork (the result is not great with an electric mixer) until it forms a firm ball – cover with cling film and leave to rest in the fridge for 1/2 an hour.

Roll out the pastry to just about 1/2 to 1cm thick, transfer onto a silicon baking sheet or a baking tray, prick with a fork before placing a sheet of silicon baking paper over the top and weighing down the pastry with another baking sheet to avoid it curling up or buckling during cooking.

This part is important to obtain nice, flat sheets of pastry.

Cook the pastry in the oven at 200°c for about 15 minutes, take out of the oven, remove the top baking tin and silicon paper, brush the top of the pastry with the egg yolk whisked with the tablespoon of milk – return to the oven for another 10 minutes at 180°c. Leave to cool before cutting into identical rectangles with a sharp knife.

Bring the single cream to the boil slowly then add the white chocolate cut into small chunks, stir well off the heat to melt the chocolate into the cream until a thick sauce is made.

Wash and de-stalk the strawberries (keep 7 or 8 smaller ones whole for decoration), cut them in half – pat them dry on kitchen paper, then put into a bowl and dust lightly with icing sugar.

Wash and thoroughly dry the basil leaves – chop very finely – reserve 4 for the decoration of the millefeuilles.

Take a rectangle pf pastry, put a layer of the warm (not hot) white chocolate sauce then place an even layer of strawberries and a sprinkling of the finely chopped basil then another rectangle of pastry, do the same again until the millefeuilles have 3 layers of pastry – finish with some of the smaller strawberries reserved from earlier and some of the white chocolate sauce, then dust with icing sugar just before serving.

Of course the only thing to drink with this is a demi-sec Champagne РBon Ap̩tit

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