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I have always wanted to blog about Toulouse, just to share some of the sites and buildings of this beautiful city in South West France, the real problem is that I don’t feel qualified to do it, or at least not well.

It is a bit like a big ball of string – not knowing which end to pull to get to the end – I know Toulouse, quite well, I have lived and worked here for the past eleven years, but I am slightly ashamed to say that I just do not know Toulouse.

I know the places that I habitually got to, the restaurants and caf̩s that I know Рbut I am well aware that there is a whole lot more to Toulouse.

So this is a plea for anyone from Toulouse, who is interested, to help me to capture Toulouse in writing and in images – if you are interested I’m sure that we can knock some ideas around over an apéro or a coffee on a terrace au soleil – so please do not heistate to contact me.

In the meantime, I have decided to start by a short walk around this morning along the banks of The Garonne river and some of the streets that radiate out from the river.

It was a beautiful morning, not a breath of air on the silky smooth water of the river Garonne, and the promise of a baking-hot day ahead – the shade of the narrow streets was a welcome escape from the heat of the sun.

We started off from the Canal du Midi – yet another UNESCO world heritage site in the region, and then on to the banks of the Garonne river – the paths are great for both walking and cycling.

Sitting on the lush green lawns that flank the Garrone, it is hard to believe that just a few meters behind you, is the busy and bustling streets of one of the biggest cities in France.

Of course, if you are here visiting, you have to sit in one of the terraces of the street caf̩s and just watch the world go by Рthis is France, as we might say, among the most developed and modern countries in the world, but one which is still able to take a step back and focus on the important things in life and just take things easy at times.

These photos are what I saw this morning … I will be going about again, and hopefully to see parts of Toulouse that I have not visited yet.

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