If you are applying for a job in France you will probably need to send your CV and application letter in French, even if the job specifies an English speaker.

You may also want to make a good impression, and first impressions usually count a lot in the job market, so ensure that you get a head-start with a faultless translation in the correct format.

French CV’s are set out slightly different to English or American CVs, so too are application letters, which are usually very formal.

You may speak enough French to get the job, but a sloppy, badly-translated CV won’t even get you into the interview room where you can have the opportunity to sell yourself.

Let us help take the pressure off – we can help by translating your CV and application form and, if you wish we can help you with a simulated interview in French over the phone or via webCam.

Our service is rapid, high quality and surprisingly inexpensive – so don’t leave things to chance…. Contact us Here as soon as possible and let us help you get that job!

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