Vaudreuille is a small commune nestling against the the western flank of the Montagne Noire with a population of just under 350 and extending to the banks of the lake of St Férreol.

The region is extremely beautiful and excellent for tourism, being close to Revel and the Montagne Noire and not far from Castelnaudary and the canal du midi.

There are fantastic walks along the small stream – The Laudot, which are excellent on even the hottest of summer days as most of the pathways are shaded by trees.

There is a surprise in store just a few hundred meters from the heart of the village in the direction of the Montagne Noire, The church of Saint Martin (La Chapelle St Martin) niched among the fields of sunflowers and the song of skylarks, in a small cemetery on the hillside overlooking the village.

The church is built from stone and typical bricks from Toulouse and is crowned by a small bell-tower dating from the pre-Roman times, which then had the addition, in the 15th century of a small Gothic chapel on the right of the original church, which has been recorded and classified as an important historical monument since 1948.

Inside the church there are frescoes dating from the 15th century in quite amazing condition for the period, one of which depicts the feast of Herod the first, king of the Jews (37 to 4 BC). There is also the château of the family de Rigaud, Philippe de Rigaud, named, “Le Grand Marquis” was governor of Canada for 22 years and died in Quebec 10 September 1725.

His last wish was to have his heart buried in the family chapel, St Martin in Vaudreuille. This is a very peaceful and relaxing place that is virtually unknown to tourists but is well worth the detour, especially for those interested in architecture and history.

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