Our aim is to help you discover France

France is the most visited country by tourists in the world, and rightly so – it is a beautiful country of stark contrasts, from the high alpine cols of the Alps and the Pyrénées, to the wild Atlantic coast, the volcanoes of The Massif Central, to the scorchingly hot Camargue and that’s just a small part of the story of the beautiful country that France is.

Why do we love France so much?

We just love the contrast and the beauty of the countryside, especially in the southern part of the country… couple that with the rich culture, language, gastronomy, customs and good living that so few countries are able to offer today and that would be some of our main reasons – do you need more?

At its nearest point, France is only about 21km from the British coast, so it is pretty easy for Brits to get to France and that is just what they do – in their droves, but how much of the real France do they get to experience?

The question is, why do so many of us come to France and even end up living here full-time?

Well, I guess the main reasons, although fairly diverse, are the open spaces, the culture, the gastronomy, the language, the countryside and the weather – see there they are again.

All valid points, but:

What if you don’t know where to go?

What if you can’t speak the language?

What if you can’t understand the cultural differences?

If you want to buy a house in France, it can be a very scary process – the legal aspect is, well to say the least – confusing.

It is very difficult making a life-changing decision, like buying a house, when you don’t speak the language – we can help you here, to find, visit, negotiate, buy and move into your dream house in France.

We will also still be around later for any other needs that you may have – such as finding a competent and trustworthy builder, plumber or electrician.

On this site there are:

  • Things to see
  • Things to do
  • The culture & history
  • The gastronomy and “terroir”
  • The people
  • Traditions & customs
  • Great places to stay
  • Fantastic activities
  • Art & architecture

We often talk about “The Hidden France” – it is a bit of a misnomer as it is only hidden to those who don’t discover it – it’s even “hidden” to our French friends as there is always the aspect of “it’s always there to discover when we want” – the only problem is that we don’t take the time and trouble to discover it – because it is always there!

We have been in France for 20 years, now we don’t claim to be experts – although we are getting there – however, we are so passionate, curious and enthusiastic about France and the French that this little detail fades into significance and we want to share our passion, curiosity and enthusiasm with you.

We get on our bikes, camera, sketchpad, watercolours and notepad in hand and tread the asphalt for you, test restaurants, check out hotels, campsites and bed & breakfasts for you – yes, it’s a hard life we know.

We don’t copy things from books or images as these things cannot be carried out effectively by proxy – all of the content and research is our own, but we do share information too.

We hope that we can help you to have a marvelous French experience through our tips, guides and help and we wish you bon voyage, bon appétit & bon séjour!

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