Spring in and around Toulouse is often wet, with the odd very hot day, but the weather is not very stable.

June and July are usually warm and sunny, although in recent years it has remained cool with rain often falling.

August is usually very hot, with temperatures reaching the 40°c+ mark and nights can still be around 25°c to 30°c, which makes sleeping very difficult without air conditioning.

September and October are often warm – in the high 20°c’s and sometimes getting hotter than 30°c. Nights start to get a bit chilly, around 10°c – but they still remain, in my opinion, the best time to come and visit the region, not only for the weather but also for the amazing colours of Autumn.

But don’t take my word for it – here is some information from www.worldweatheronline.com

Toulouse Yearly Weather Summary

Although close to the Mediterranean, Toulouse weather is more oceanic than tropical. Although not far from subtropical weather conditions, weather in Toulouse falls just short of the humidity common in regions slightly more south. The hot season (June to August) sees temperatures of almost 40°C. However, during the winter months (December to February) temperatures in the evenings can drop as low as 2°C.

Toulouse, a city  in southwestern France, enjoys a Mediterranean climate that features pleasant winter, long and hot summer and enjoyable autumn and spring.
Summer, from June till August, remains warm enough for the visitors with the average high of 27°C while the low fluctuates between 13-15°C. July is the sunniest month of the season when the city receives more than eight hours of sunshine per day. Moreover, throughout the season Toulouse gets a moderate level of rainfall that makes the heat tolerable.
The average high falls gradually in autumn and reaches 19°C in October and 14°C in November. On the other hand, nighttime becomes colder with the average low of 11°C. November sees around three hours of sunshine per day. Although rainfall is common, it is one of the best seasons to visit Toulouse.
Tourists can visit Toulouse whenever they like. Winter, from November till February, remains comparatively warmer than many other European cities. The average high stands in winter months at 9°C while the low hardly falls below 3°C. The season sees more than four hours of sunshine per day.
Spring appears with much warmer weather in the city. The sun gradually returns in the skies of Tourists and temperatures climbs to 14°C in March, 16°C in April and around 20°C in April. May is the wettest month of the season when it receives more than 78mm of precipitation. Although things can change rapidly in the form of afternoon rain, it is the best time to visit Toulouse.
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