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Write a guest post

Would you like to submit a guest post on this blog?

Guest posts are a fantastic way to brand yourself, generate traffic to your blog and get a free anchored text back link to your blog – it’s also a great way to get into some writing, without the need to have your own blog immediately.

I am currently welcoming guest posts on this blog from other bloggers or budding bloggers.

If you are interested here are the requirements:

1. Posts must be at least 400 words and be on a topic that is relevant to this blog.

2. Post must be grammatically correct, well written & thought out.

3. Content in the post must be 100% unique and not published anywhere else on the web and not reworked content from a content spinner.

4. Content must be 100% yours and not a copyright infringement on someone else’s work.

5. You agree that I have the right to modify your content as I see fit to meet this blogs needs.

6. You agree by submitting content to this blog that you relinquish any rights of ownership of your content without limitation or constraint and you WILL NOT submit or publish the content on any other website.

7. Include a byline/signature in the information block of your profile

8. There will be No affiliate links on your submission

9. There will be No links to questionable websites

10. After publication it becomes the sole rights of This is France

11. You are restricted to TWO hotlinks back to your own content – All supplementary links will be stripped out – this is due to some people writing, what boils down to, an advert for their own business / sites – a practice which is slightly unethical.

In order to post your submission, you need to subscribe to the blog – you can log in if you have a user account or register for a user account if you do not have one.

There are just a few common-sense rules for your post to be accepted – share your knowledge, tips and experience with others.

NB – We do not make any money from this blog (yet) but when we do, we will be able to pay guest bloggers … that looks a bit far of now, though …

Writing a guest Blog entry is a great way to get traffic back to your site and to become “known” as a blogger, we would love to have you write for the community.


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