Your Eateries


Let us know about where you have eaten that is good or bad so that we can recommend or warn future clients.

It is so satisfying to eat in a good restaurant or bar and we often want to share this with friends and acquaintances so that they can benefit from good service and good food.

On the other hand it is not a nice experience when we feel ripped-off by a restaurant, with bad service, bad food and a quality to price ratio that defies all logic.

I of ten feel that it is a game of confidence – as a customer we go to a restaurant in good faith and promise to pay good money for good service and good food.

The restaurant then promises to give us good service and good food through the descriptions on the menu.

How deceiving it is when we are served frozen vegetables posing as fresh, unimaginative recipes that are thrown together and bolshy waiters.

It is so enjoyable, and in some ways encouraging, when we go to a restaurant where the staff try their best, give us honest, good produce, cooked with flair, care and creativity.

Let’s share this with others to promote the good and ensure that those that are out to rip us off get their just desserts …

Thank you for sharing the good and the bad with our readers.

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